Everybody eats, period.

ICT community fridge project is rooted in mutual aid & justice. The goal is to provide free food to every member of the Wichita community, period.


What is the ICT Community Fridge Project?

The ICT Community Fridge Project aims to provide free access to nutritious food in 67214 and beyond. The fridge gives access to much needed produce such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk products, lunch meats, and bread for families and individuals in Wichita.

Who can take advantage of the program?

Everyone. Everyone eats. No IDs, no tax papers, take whatever you need. This fridge is for students, families, individuals, regardless of income. Take an apple for a snack, or come get free groceries. The fridge is for us, by us.

How can I help?

You can donate to our cashapp, $ictfreefood. You can donate food, drink, and resources directly to our locations. You can spread the word about the fridge, tell your coworkers, friends, and family.


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CHD Boxing Club

We need your support to help those in need.